Your expenses are made absolutely clear during the entire collaboration and you will be charged only for the work you have personally approved. If any change is requested at any point in time during the collaboration we will make sure you understand the implication of that expense before the change is actually made.

Packages and additional services provide standardized websites and additions from our dense database which are chosen and adapted to the needs of our clients within the capabilities of the platform and additions, and all additional special request changes can be payed for by the hour of additional work.

The time it takes us to build a website is from 3 weeks on average, depending of course on the complexity of each project individually.

Any changes can easily be made by simply adding the specific cost of each individual upgrade to the base cost of the package you have selected.

Please check thoroughly for every change you wish to be made prior to requesting it from us because every additional change is charged half of the price of the original change.

On each website we make our company link is embedded in the footer, if you would like for it not to appear at all we charge an additional $250.

After defining the obligations we have to accomplish your build the pricing is agreed upon and we ask for a downpayment in the amount of 100% of the entire deal value.

After the web presentation is delivered clients are provided with basic website update isntructions (adding new posts, pages, products, etc.).

If the client self-updates the website omniafactory is relieved of any further responsibility for the website functioning unless and in accordance with the concluded agreement on maintaining the site.